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TDF TDC Lock & Cleats roll-former

TDF machine and TDC flange forming machine are required for any metal industries. But as far as mostly the transverse duct flanges are used nowadays, it is much better to buy a TDF former. The advanced models can build up a high roll-forming speed being quite powerful and efficient.

What is the difference?

Usage of duct manufacturing equipment helps saving expenses because it is highly automated and performs the tasks precisely. The manufacturers provide two main units. When are they used? There are two types of profile ducts. The piece can be made with a hem turned in and out respectively. Correspondently there is TDF (transverse duct flanges) and TDC (transverse duct connections) profile duct. The former is preferred due to its safety and used as a flange profile on the duct ends. To produce them different machines are needed. There are models with numerous features including the saving of material, time, being efficient, and durable.

Why should you buy it?

This TDF flange forming machine allows an operator to make a flange much easier. If there is no equipment, the only solution is to act manually. It will take many more steps to get the worse result. It is required to take a flange, cut four pc, smooth it out, make it matching corners, fix on the end of the raw edge with screws, or using welding. This is a labor-intensive and time taking process involving the crafters with special skills. Using the automatic TDF unit, it is easy to simplify and boost the process. Just notch a sheet and allow the machine to perform all the actions: to roll form a flange, bend up a duct, and finish the product on a corner fixing machine automatically. The TDF duct machine will save about $40 per joint.

We deliver a wide range of machines and beneficial offerings. The appliance of TDF and/or TDC machine for sale allows saving expenses. Also, we provide a warranty for one year.


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Technical parameters:
Roll-forming speed, feet per min 45*
Quantity of the forming  passes 15 flange, 14 cleat.
18-24 gauge for TDC
22 gauge for Clip
Main motor power 5 Hp / 220-240v / 60Hz/ 3 phase.
Size LхWхH 130х40х56 " 3300х1000х1430 mm
weight 2100 lbs / 950kg

Fits to most of US TDF corners:


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