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Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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Product Code: Automatic TDFC corner fitting machine
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$ 5 800
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Used with Transverse Duct Connection is a connection system for rectangular ductwork that is formed directly onto the ductwork T.D.C. and Transverse Duct Flange T.D.F. duct connection system is intended to place corners into preformed duct flanges and crimp them permanently. This is a pneumatic machine operating with minor human interference. The operator is expected to put the duct on the machine press the button.

In order to reduce the price of the unit, you are suggested to look through an offer of a corner fitting machine for sale.

Operational thickness: 16-26 Gauge,

Power sources: 110v  + air 70-100 psi,

Unit Weight: 660lb

Unit size: 60" x 30"x x 40"

What is this video about?

As we can see via video, the process of automated insertion of a corner on the duct is extremely simple and the result is perfect. It will take a couple of seconds to insert a corner into a square duct, launch the machine with a foot pedal and get a neat and reliable construction assembled. 

Unit weighs about 600 lb and has a rather compact size (60" x 30" x 40"). Its control panel is absolutely comprehensive consisting of five buttons. The operator is not required to have special skills to operate this duct corner making machine. You can make a pit in the floor of your shop to have your machine operation height in level with the floor shop.

Advantages of corner fitting machine

  • You do not have to take any efforts to measure, adjust, and fix a corner. The machine will do everything accurately.

  • The unit is developed exactly for this operation without need in a special adjustment.

  • It requires only one operator to perform a task reducing the labor cost.

  • It facilitates assembling of air ducts of a square shape.

We produce the custom machineries and equipment used in building and engineering fields. Our products are exhibited at the world industry shows being successfully marketed in the USA, China, Russia, and Ukraine. If you are interested in collaboration, please, contact us. We are ready to answer your questions related to machines and our other products.

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