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Our address: Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
Phones: +15704046968
$ 33 500

SS4E Professional Roofing Machinery for Everyone

Product Code: SS4E_PRO
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$ 33 500
Ex Tax: $ 33 500

  Roll-Forming Roofing Machine SS4E - PRO 

It features our exit end adjustable shear, panels from 12 - 24” wide, 1.5 hp motor, and optional overhead reed rack, and optional expandable arbor reels.


      6 Urethane drive rollers

      Free-floating forming rollers mounted

      Two sets of bead rollers included

      Easy adjustable width of panel from 12” - 24”

      Includes clip relief rollers

      Easy change to different various profiles (custom design available)

      Manual Exit end shear

      Material width 11” to 30.5”

      Limit switch for length control

      Liberty wireless control For/Rev Start/Stop

This advanced machine comes with the any available profile up to your choice.

Tooling rollers are interchangeable so you can order extra tool set or few. 

Available tooling in stock:

Nail flange Snap lock - 1" and  1.5" 

1.75" Snap lock

1.5" and 2" mechanical standing seam.

Board and baton

Stiffening ribs:

V-Ribs, Pencil Ribs and  ( Corrugated / WAV ) Coming soon...


  Dual overhead reel rack (goes in default set up as special for 2023 )

      Expandable arbor reel (One reel goes in default set up as special for 2023 )

      Single expandable arbor reel stand

      Heavy duty  18 oz Tarpaulin cover


  Automatic shear 

roofing machinery

 Automated PLC control with 10" touch screen.

Machine can be mounted on your or a new trailer.

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