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Manual metal spinning lathe for 800mm / 31" blank diameter

Model D31 is a manual metal spinning lathe.

This lathe is designed for manual spinning. Strong and heavy base frame made of cast iron. Machine has a powerful 3kWt motor drive with two speed belt gear. Max blank diameter up to 31inches (800mm). Special design of the back tail allows fast installation of the blank and removal of the finished item from the mold. On this lathe you can spoon any kind of metal: aluminum, brass, copper, silver, steel, stainless steel and spoon up to 13 Gauge steel (max thickness up to 0.1 inch or 2.5mm for the low carbon steel). It's possible to use simple and crank spinning tools depending on blank strength or personal preferences. Standard warranty one year. Extended tree years warranty for only 499$.


Main tech parameters:


Max blank diameter up to 31 inches (800mm)

Blank material - aluminum, brass, copper, silver, steel, stainless steel.

Max blank thickness up to 0.1 inch or 2.5mm for the low carbon steel (13 Gauge).

Main motor power 3 kWt.

Weight of the machine -  1500 lbs / 680kg.

Default main spindle thread is 2.25" x 4 threads per inch, Right

Machine packing size - 24 x 72 x 48H inches / 1800 x 609x h 1220 mm


Available Spinning Tools:

Scissors tool set with two rollers.


 Handles 3' long, with roller holder 4'

 material Cr12 MoV 60+ HRC tool steel.

 Each roller has two Tapered Roller Bearings.

 Both spinning rollers diameter 4.725"


 One roller work radius - 0.06"

Second roller work radius - 0.24"


Mandrels could be made of  hard wood, plywood or steel depending on material you'd like to spin.

As lubrication you can use soap (working with aluminum), wax, oil or spoon without lubrication using tools with rollers.

Live center (optional)

Main shaft, back plate thread adapter (optional)

 Samples of the final products:



Useful links about metal spinning:







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