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Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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Standing S-cleat Rail Forming Machine

Product Code: Standing S cleat Roll Forming Machine
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The Standing S Cleat machine has 12 forming stations to form sheet metal into a standing S cleat, the standing S cleat is a roll shape that combines a conventional S cleat with a standing seam for greater strength and rigidity. High precision needle type bearings, heavy chassis plate, case hardened and ground roll shafts, and an arc-welded steel stand protected with top quality primer.

This product is a Flat S Lock but with a 1” tall standing seam section that adds strength and rigidity to duct. Often used in place of (and installed the same way as) Flat S Lock when width across transverse connection of duct is over 20”. Like Flat S Lock, the Standing S lock is used on the top and bottom widths of the transverse connection and the drive cleat is used on the shorter dimensions (the 2 sides of the duct)

Rectangular Duct consists of two short dimensions and two longer dimensions. The longer two dimensions are horizontal, the shorter two are vertical. This is a result of the need to account for the ceiling height without downsizing the duct size. When a shop says that they move from Slip and Drive to T.D.C. at 24”, they are referring to the two horizontal dimensions – the Flat S. Once over 24” on the “S” dimension, the shop has two options: jump to Standing S Lock and use it to 30” or switch over the T.D.C. or Duct mate. While it has similar roll forming requirements like being always on an inboard roll set, The Standing S Cleat is not formed on the same machine that the Flat S is formed; it requires a minimum of 10 roll stations. The cost is significantly more than the Flat S cleat roll former and there’s no option of a cutter to use up drop. That means the shop has to take prime, cut it 6.125” wide x 10 ft, and feed it in the machine. Many shops just “buy out” the Standing S Lock for this reason. That said, if a shop has a Standing S Cleat roll former, they utilize it the same way as their Flat S. Of course, in many shops, especially ones with a Full Wrap coil line and 5 x 20 ft Plasma Systems, waste has been reduced to a bare minimum and they don’t want their staff spending all day cutting out of Prime to get material for their Flat S and Drives then bundling for the field. Many larger shops “buy out” the Flat S and Drive for this reason.

Technical parameters:
Roll-forming speed
24* fpm
The forming rollers quantity, material and hardness
15 sets (G Cr15, HRC 58~60)
Machine capacity for low carbon steel
22-26 Gauge
Main motor power 5* Hp  220-240v / 60Hz / 3 phase.
Size LхWхH L 125" х W 28" х H 46"
weight 2400 lbs

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