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Our address: Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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$ 4 550

S-cleat C-drive-locking pin Pittsburgh and Seam Lock Forming Machine

Product Code: Pittsburgh Lock Forming
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$ 4 550
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The lock seam machine as well as s and drive cleat machine are used to create proper connections of ducts in a line. But the former connects ducts with a single or double lock, while the latter connects the ends of ducts with unformed and formed edges. We suggest combining these features and purchase only one unit for both purposes. It performs operations in a smooth manner being available at a reasonable cost. You can havea look at this machine on our website and contact us to discuss the options and buying terms.

Technical parameters:
Roll-forming speed, feet per min 36*
Quantity of the forming roller pairs 8 pairs in 3 row
Capacity 18-24 ga / 0,5-1,2mm
Main motor power 2,2 kWt / 3 Hp  220-240v / 60Hz/ 3 phase.
Size LхWхH L 55" х W 24" х H 36"  1400х600х900 mm
weight 900 lbs / 445kg

Peculiarities of s cleat and drive cleat locking pin Pittsburgh and Seam Lock Forming Machine

Coming with 2 years warranty the machine can boast of high efficiency being quite compact, emitting low noise and guaranteeing nice performance. Its small dimensions allow easy mobility. This machinewill be appreciated by manufacturers of the HVAC systems. It is easy to operate and does not require a high maintenance. The parts are durable.

Four in one

  • S-cleat profile should be used with a drive cleat profile for joining of overlapping edges in duct connections. In order to perform this option, the metal strip is required.

  • C-locking pin / Drive cleat. Here it is easy to process a material of different width due to a particular entrance slitter. As a result, you get a perfect final product for s and drive cleat connections.

  • Pittsburgh lock. It consists of a couple of profiles creating a standard flange lock which is requested when ducts of a square shape are produced.

  • Seam lock. This is a standard lock which is requested when ducts of a round shape are produced, for instance, with use of round ductwork machinery.

  • Pittsburgh rollers. They are requested when roofing standing seam panels are made. Thus, the specified unit can be used together with a standing seam metal roof forming machine.

The machine comes with all four options allowing you to produce several items for HVAC and similar systems at a time. Contact us to find out more about its advantages!

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