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Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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Product Code: Manual roll bender RBM-10
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Manual roll bender machine RBM-10 with one rollers set and stand - $1350
It is one of the most powerful manual pipe benders / profile profilers. Made with Heavy duty cast iron body machined to strict tolerances with maintain tolerances and accuracy This model is equipped with a strong gear reducer, which allows manually bend work-pieces of sufficiently large thickness (square .875" x .875") and overall dimensions (up to 4"x4" / 100x100mm) . Open face design allows the operator to roll full circles. The length of the work-piece is unlimited for machine. You can easily set up any motor on this bender. We can made custom rollers of aluminum, steel and urethane for your specific profile or diameter. Bender can be equipped with multi-functional standard rollers, multi-size adjustable rollers for square profiles or urethane blank rollers.

Standard multi-functional bending rollers - 150$ set.

Urethane blank rollers for aluminum copper and stainless steel operation - $100 set.

Adjustable  Rollers for square profile, square and flat bar operation up to 2.25" width - 150$ set

Optional Stand for Manual roll bender RBM-10 - $150

Main tech Parameters
Pipe Capacity                        Size: 1" (sch. 40) / Min. Diameter: 28"
Round Tube Capacity         Size: 1.25" (.078") / Min. Diameter: 31.5"
Square Tube Capacity        Size: 1.25" (.078") / Min. Diameter: 35"
Solid Round Capacity         Size: .875" / Min. Diameter: 20"
Flat Bar Easy Way               2" Thick / Min Diameter: 15.75"
Flat Bar Hard Way             .75" Thick / Min Diameter: 6.5"
Angle Iron Capacity            Size: 1.25" (.157") / Min. Diameter: 30"
Shaft Diameter                   1.181"
Shaft Center Distance       6.7"
Shipping Weight                 435 lbs.

Two years warranty.

If you want buy Manual roll bender machine, please call us.

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