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Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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$ 6 500

DC115 Manual Decoiler

Product Code: DC115
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$ 6 500
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DC 115 Manual Decoiler characteristics:

Max coil: weight 10.000lbs, width 115", I.D. 16" to 24.5"

Manual Decoiler DC115 designed to hold coil of material as paper, metal or plastic.

Maximum weight of the coil is up to 11500 lbs (5200kg). Maximum coil width 115 inches (2.9m / 9.5 feet).

Decoiler can be used to uncoil metal, plastic, paper and other materials.

Self Centering coil holder is easy to install and fix inside of the metal coil.

Operation way:

To install the coil with material on the decoiler you must do as follow:

1. take of self centering coil reel from the stand;

2. insert coil reel inside of the metal coil;

3. expand self centering coil reel with a hand wrench, to fix coil reel inside of the material coil;

4. install coil reel with metal coil back on the stand,

5. fix coil reel to stand with brake fixture. 

Once you pull out age of the material from the coil - coil starts spinning. For convenient operation and safety decoiler equipped with a friction brake, manual turn handle and expanding crank.

Safety requirements: unit stands should be bolted down to floor before operation.


Technical parameters
Range of the Inside coil diameter 17.5 - 24.5 inches / 455 - 620 mm
Maximum weight 11 500 lbs / 5 200 kg
Maximum coil width 115 inches / 2.9 m / 9.5 feet
Size, LхWхH* 132x45x49 inches / 3360х1150х1250mm
Weight* 1200 lbs / 545 kg

Made up to order in 2-3 weeks.

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