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Main Buildings at 102 E. Railroad Ave., Knoxville, PA 16928
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Portable Electric Pittsburgh Lock Seamer - Seam Closer

Product Code: FS1020
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Pittsburgh Lock Seamer can cut your finishing time up to 90%. It can be used to fold over or "seam" metal 24 to 20 gauge (FS2420) and or 20 to 18 gauge (FS2018) on general fabricating, run Pittsburgh Lock Seams on ductwork, tubes, doors, panels, etc. Operators require no special training or skill. The finished seam is straighter and smoother than hammered seams. Device has adjustable speed and can seam over 30 feet per minute. Good for straight and radial seams. Very handy in workshop and on site operation. The seam closer works conveniently and quietly; the infeed ensures continuous and tight seams. There is no need for conversion for processing of shaped and curved pieces. Adaptation to sheet thickness in working range is automatic, nevertheless way for manual tune up and adjustment available.

Required only light electric - 110v

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