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low cost Spiral tube former

Spiral tube former TF1500 designed to produce metal spiral ducts
Diameter range 3.15 to 60 inches (80-1500mm)
Thickess of different raw materials:
- galvanized steel: 0.4 - 1,2 mm (28 ga - 18 ga)
- stanleys steel 0.4 - 0.8mm (28 ga - 22 ga)
- aluminum: 0.4 - 1.2mm (.016 - .047 inch)
Feeding Speed up to 100 ft/min (30 m/min)
Standrd delivery set:
Tubeformer with four stations rollforming device
Lubrication system
Set of flexible belts to produce ducts in range of 3.15 to 60 inches (80-1500mm)
Saw cutting device
Support run out table
Set of rollers to operate with 0.4 - 1,2 mm (28 ga - 18 ga) raw material
Rib rollers.


Spiral ducts used in HVAC (simply round ducts, ovalising, squad spiral ducts), in dust transportation systems, PU insulated pipes as protective coverage.


Working progress:

Decoiler to feed the strip from the coil (coil weight up to 1500 pounds)

Roll-forming part with lubrication system (lubrication pump in set) - to roll-form the lock and form strengthen stiffeners:

The next is duct forming Flexible mold, all the molds to produce any size of duct with diameter in range of 3.15 to 60 inches are in delivery set.
This type of machine usually designed with outside lock position, but up to request machine can be made with inside lock position. 

Up to customer request this type of tube-former can be made with option to use fixed hard mold.

Cutting system - up to customer request machine can be made with cutting Saw with pneumatic feedback drive:

or as extra option - Plasma cutting

Support table to hold the duct during the working process and after the cutting. As extra option, support table can be equipped with auto-dropping pneumatic system. One support table made to hold one duct with length up to 10 feet.

Automatic control system.


Technical parameters



Diameter range

3.15 to 60 inches (80 - 1500mm)  for 18 ga minimal diameter 10 inches!

Duct length

0.3 - 26 feet (100 - 8000mm) (with additional support table)

Galvanized steel

0.4 - 1,2 mm (28 ga - 18 ga)

Stainless steel

0.4 - 0.8 mm (28 ga - 22 ga)

Strip width

5.39 - 5.51 inch (137 - 140mm)

Raw materials

galvanized steel, Stainless steel, aluminum, PPGI.

Feeding Speed

up to 100 ft/min (30 m/min)

Control type

Automatic / semiautomatic CNC


5.5 kWt main motor + 3 kWt saw cutting  (+ air pump 0.5~0.7 kPa not in set)

Packing size

138" x 79" x 83" inches (3500 х 2000 х 2100)




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