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HVAC Auto Duct folding line ACKB

Any premises are built with a duct system to remove the dirty air and supply the fresh one. If ventilation is not able to cope with the current task of your working space, it is important to reconstruct it, to replace ducts. And then there is a demand for properly made ducts. These parts are made on a special automatic folding machine that transforms sheets of metal into these important elements.

Advantages of the duct manufacturing machine

The duct line is usually able to make several products of various shapes including L-sections. Processing sheet metal is quite complicated work and the right tool can impact the result greatly. The auto-folding machine is specifically intended to perform grooving, cutting, and folding of rectangular and round pipes. It usually runs together with a coil line machine. And in addition to the auto fold, it has the following advantages:

  • multiple functionalities being able to produce various types of ducts including joints, elbows, and other sections;

  • advanced diverse control providing the accurate shape and size of a final product;

  • high automation improving the quality of the result and reducing the expenses related to human labor;

  • minimal waste of material due to the precise technologies applied.

Powerful equipment

The automatic coil line duct machine provides a rectangular duct (straight sections) performing almost all technological processes like leveling, grooving, notching for the seaming and bending, bending, and cutting. As a result, a seamed rectangular duct with enforcing grooves is produced. To get a final seamed product, Pittsburgh female or snap-lock forming machine is needed. Also, a TDC profile with corners is recommended to make a flange.

You can also use a TDF flange forming machine in your production process and make ducts with TDF flange. To make such a product you have to run a machine without folding function, but with I notching in bending places. This way machine will cut in size flat sheet of metal with grooving, notching for bending, and male & female seam. To finish the product, you’ll need to make TDF flange, Pittsburgh, or snap-lock seams and bend it with TDF folding machine in I notching lines. And fit corners with a hummer or corner fitting machine.

A portable electric seamer saves a lot of labor while seaming Pittsburgh lock.

With the automatic line, the production process duct becomes economical, fast, and precise. Production of large amounts of high-quality products can increase sales on the market in a short time.

This sheet metal duct fabrication equipment consists of a double reel motorized decoiler (two or more decoilers to feed different thickness raw material for different duct diameters is optional), feeding system with servo drive motor, grooving rollers - to make stiffener ribs on the duct surface according to US standards, I and rectangular hydraulic notchers, hydraulic folding and hydraulic cutting units.

It is automatically controlled by the CNC system with high-precision servo motors with encoder feedback that allows you to achieve high accuracy, performance, and reliability of the line. The machine can be operated in semi-automatic mode.

Having this machine with a coil line you can automate the production process and rise your capacity up to 300 000 sq. feet of air ducts a month.

If you want to have a good deal and buy this unit beneficially, follow our news about the offering of a used duct coil line for sale!

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